Where Storytelling Meets Selling in a Mobile First World

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In a mobile first world, brands need advertising that packs a powerful punch if they are to succeed in cutting through the mass of information competing for their customers’ attention.  An effective marketing cocktail that builds strong consumer affinity needs engaging creative that reaches your target consumers wherever they are in the physical or digital worlds, and needs to be measurable so you know if it actually works.

I joined the out of home industry (OOH) having previously worked in digital advertising and could immediately see it’s a highly-desirable medium for brands seeking broad visibility. Intuitively that makes good sense; billboards are highly visible, un-skippable and reach potential customers at a crucial time, when they’re on the way to purchase something.

Mobile location data is driving much innovation in OOH and is also allowing for more integrated campaigns that incorporate digital and mobile.

But thanks to new applications we’ve developed here at Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) using mobile location data, today’s OOH is now smarter too. For the first time ever, using our digital audience measurement tool, RADAR, we can use anonymous, aggregated mobile location data to help brands more accurately plan and measure their OOH campaigns. What’s more, our customers are starting to use this data to inform their entire location marketing strategy, using OOH and mobile together to engage consumers like never before.

On September 26, I have the privilege of joining experts from the media world and a variety of industries who are finding new and exciting ways to engage consumers in the physical world. I’m talking about Tom Lapcevic from 24 Hour Fitness; Grant Munro of Shutterstock Custom; Tham Khai Meng of Ogilvy & Mather and Antonio Tomarchio of Cubeiq.

I’m excited to hear what my peers will say about ways their businesses are innovating in their sectors. But first here are a few examples of how OOH is helping brands engage consumers and earn their affinity.

Take a look at OOH again – the largest advertising format now has powerful analytics to match. Last year at Advertising Week, Clear Channel Outdoor CEO Scott Wells talked about the exciting launch of Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR. Earlier this year we took another important advancement, adding Cuebiq’s location insights and footfall attribution analysis into this first-to-market solution for CCOs printed and digital billboards.

This means our analytics can be applied more quickly, with greater precision and in more markets than ever before, addressing advertisers’ greater demand for location data based on mobile users’ offline behavior. This enhances CCO RADAR’s suite of solutions by offering advertisers access to more location data at scale and with more granularity and speed, including the ability to measure campaigns in smaller markets and from many local businesses.

OOH is innovating to drive more of your customers to the point of sale.

For several years now, digital OOH has provided advertisers with a great deal of flexibility to adjust creative whether it’s tied to daypart (think rush hour traffic), weather conditions, or to different products based on inventory levels. Marketers can now use the same sophisticated audience targeting data they use for their digital campaigns for OOH advertising. Clear Chanel Outdoor’s RADAR audience planning tool allows them to identify the best billboard locations to reach your consumers and then measure the impact on traffic to a specific location.

Now brands can do more with OOH.

Mobile location data is driving much innovation in OOH and is also allowing for more integrated campaigns that incorporate digital and mobile. Brands like 24 Hour Fitness, Waze, TOMS and big box retailers all over the country are turning to OOH when they want to reach their consumers in fun, impactful and yes, surprising ways.

Come hear what I’m talking about, Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 12:45 on the ShutterStock Stage at Liberty during Advertising Week in New York and learn what happens when “Storytelling Meets Selling in a Mobile First World.

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